ITALIAN students:

Admitted students must enroll online:

Deadline: October 2017

For not yet graduated: January 2018


FOREIGN students:

A) EU citizens and non EU living in Italy must apply online, through the proper service within October 2017, following the following steps:
1) login to SIFA online services and choose Servizi di immatricolazione e iscrizione > IMMATRICOLAZIONE
3) enter the required details and upload a photo and an identity document (JPG, PNG, BMP max 2 Mb)
4) pay the first instalment of the enrolment fee using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or the bollettino MAV printable at the end of the enrolment procedure online. The bollettino MAV can be paid at any bank in Italy.
5) deliver the required documents to the International Students Desk.

B) Non-EU citizens residing abroad who do not have an Italian residence permit, must enrol following these steps:
1) hand in the documents given by the Italia Consulate/Embassy to the International Students Desk (please bring the original and make a copy for the office)
2) collect the Enrolment form and the proper bank form
3) pay the first instalment of the enrolment fee at any BancaIntesa branch
4) deliver the filled out Enrolment form and the recepit of payment to the International Students Desk

All students are required to submit the following documents
at the enrolment (please bring the original and make a copy for the office):

  • 1st level degree (legalized) along with the Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco or Diploma Supplement
  • copy of the Secondary School Diploma (in Italian, English, French Spanish or German)
  • passport/identity card
  • Italian tax code (codice fiscale)
  • valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) for non-EU citizens
  • admission fee receipt (euro 30)
  • enrolment fee receipt (euro 689)
  • Form A (for non EU-citizens resident abroad)


For any further information on this issue please contact:

NOT still GRADUATED students:
you have to graduate not later than 31 December 2017. Then you can enroll in the program within 5 days from your dissertation and anyway not later than 15 January 2017.
In the meantime you can attend the courses and the exams. The professors will keep your marks and register them once you’ll been enrolled.

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