“Choosing EPS was the best choice I have ever made: first of all, it boosted my CV very much, thanks to an invaluable mix of demanding courses, good teaching, tough assignments and international scope.
Studying Economics (with some flavour of Political Science) prepares you for every job, not for the content of the subjects, but rather for the skills and mindset you develop, while pursuing a challenging life goal.
Secondly, it opened up many opportunities that I could not have even imagined before starting: in fact I spent one year in Belgium for the joint master’s degree, I got a scholarship for a second master’s in the UK and I had the chance to work for renowned multinational companies.
Last, but not least, I could meet people from all over the world and create a strong network of friendships and professional relationships.
Therefore I am highly satisfied of my choice and I would recommend this course to every student who wants to study hard in order to enjoy long-term benefits, both from a professional and from a personal perspective”.

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