Welcome to the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences

The faculty of Political, Economic and Social Science of the University of Milan is an educational institution which offers a complete academic training across the entire range of social science subject areas. It is placed in the heart of the city centre, at walking distance from two metro lines: it is thus very well connected with the whole of the town and of the region. It resides in an ancient palace, recently restored and fully equipped with the latest technology (for instance, a wi-fi connection is available in the whole building). Also our center in Sesto San Giovanni, where some courses in the Communication and Foreign Languages areas are taught, is very close to a metro station connecting it directly to the center of the town.
During recent years, the faculty has extended and diversified the study programmes on offer, both its three year undergraduate degrees and, especially, its post-graduate master courses. These innovations on one side have adapted the courses towards a better match with the demand of society (in its twofold dimension of the family and the productive system), on the other a more thorough selection of candidates has been introduced, together with more specific orientation to help future students in their choices.
This has resulted in a significant increase of the number of students, despite the creation on the part of other universities of the Milan area of many new faculties directly competing with our own.

The programmes on offer are: 7 three year undergraduate courses and 10 post-graduate courses. All courses are multi-disciplinary and offer a broad education, including all the disciplines taught in the faculty. However, one could divide them into three groups. A first group is oriented towards the study of society, and it builds on disciplines such as sociology, political economy, history, foreign languages and civilization, cognitive and communication sciences. A second one is oriented towards the study of firms, building on disciplines such as business management, marketing, organization science, labour law. A third group is oriented towards the study of institutions, and it is based on disciplines such as political science, public law, international relations.

EPS professors belong to the following departments:

– The Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods

– The Department of Social and Political Sciences

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