I spent five years at the University of Milan, first as a bachelor student in Political Science, with an Erasmus experience in The Netherlands, then as an EPS student. During the second year of my Master’s Degree I had the chance to do the Internship of Research at the Mannheim University (Erasmus Placement) in Germany.

As almost everybody, I started my career doing Internships: L’Oréal , Moncler and LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Group), world leader groups in luxury, were the first steps where I learnt about marketing and PR in big companies.

I’m currently part of Bolton Group, an amazing international Italian company; as Business Analyst I’m in charge of sales and markets statistics, analysis and forecast. I think EPS gave me the essential training and education in order to foster my professional career in this company.

I believe and support the EPS program and I am sure that the EPS Alumni Association is a great opportunity for both Alumni and Students, in order to share information, increase networking worldwide, and organize  events.

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