My name is Paolo Bonardi and I attended both my Bachelor (International Relations) and Master (EPS of course) at the University of Milan (with an Erasmus parenthesis at the Université Catholique de Louvain, in Belgium). I am currently working in Brussels as a Project Officer for the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy. My daily tasks are different and many, but in particular I am in charge of supporting Lombard economic stakeholders in presenting proposals for European Grants and Tender. I am also involved in networking and lobbying actions carried out at the EU Parliament and Commission.

I am deeply convinced that without the background acquired through EPS, find my job or have the job opportunities I had, would have been impossible. Before leaving Italy I was engaged in local politics and in many other social activities, like for instance the EPS Alumni Association. I was, from the very beginning, among those few students, pushed by Professor Donzelli, actively involved in this project. Indeed, I had the honor to be the first Chairman.

Although I no longer live in Milan I am still well connected with the socio-economic system of the region and I am very interested to give my help to the Association, bringing along my professional experience. I think matching job experiences with academic research is crucial for our economy, a knowledge-based one; hence, I would be glad to dedicate my efforts for the Alumni Association, which is a valuable instrument to enhance the Masters’ reputation.