After the BA in Political Science I started the EPS Master’s Degree program at the University of Milan. A lot of papers, new concepts, a lot of new people with different skills and interests. I spent the summer between the two EPS years in London, at the LSE. Back in Milan I studied hard, set up the EPS Alumni together with some great mates,  and I graduated in the July 2010: first EPS Graduate ever.

During the EPS Master I laid the foundation of my method, I worked hard and along with others; definitely, the right starting point. I will never forget that time.

Right after the graduation I moved back in London where I still live and work. My professional career begins contributing to launch a British NGO developing eco-innovative investment solutions. It was a stunning experience, with a payoff well beyond the income. Since two years, I work as Business Developer for a UK Brokerage firm in the City. I am a Derivatives Broker targeting EMEA countries who deal with several aspects of the business, as is usual in a small and growing company.

I plan, think in a long term, and I love living in an international environment; besides, implementing projects starting from nowhere inflames me. I believe in the learning by doing approach, understanding its flip side: there are times where you achieve results over the expectations, and others where you must reset and start from the beginning. Thus, in the everyday professional and personal challenges, I always try to better myself through experience and an evergreen determination.