Brumana - FotoSilvia Brumana

2nd-year student 2017/18

I am an EPS student, currently part of the double degree program at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

EPS students have indeed the valuable opportunity to spend the first year at the University of Milan, thereby acquiring a strong general knowledge in both economics and political science; afterwards, they can apply for an international experience, such as the double degree program, in order to spend the second year abroad and focus on the area of economics they like the most! As far as I am concerned, I chose to focus on Firms’ strategies at UCL and I deeply rejoice in my choice!

In addition, since Louvain is in the French part of Belgium, for those of you who wish to learn some French, there are many great courses at the Institut des langues vivantes (associated with the UCL), enabling you to end the second year with both a double degree in economics and a proficient knowledge of English as well as a good level of French!

EPS was definitely the best choice I could make for my master studies!








Egla Kruja, graduating student

“I recommend EPS not only for its interdisciplinary program as a perfect mixture of economics and politics field, in which all of us convey, but mostly for its international environment, perfectly in line with the most important characteristics that a prestigious master course should nowadays have, and for the many opportunities that it offers. During those two years I have been studying at the University of Oslo as an exchange student under Erasmus Plus Program. This experience, extremely useful, encouraged me to rediscover a different approach to learning and living.
Moreover, I spent three months in Hong Kong doing an internship at The Italian Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to the background acquired in EPS and to the young and dynamic ICC team I was involved in working daily tasks, which facilities and create a bridge between education and work.
In EPS there are plenty of other opportunities like those because EPS care about its own students investing on them and offering great opportunities to each of them. So, dear perspective mates get prepared to work hard, to improve your skills and to join this master course which is worth your efforts, your time and your dedication.”



leonardo-liberatiLeonardo Liberati, graduating student

“If I were to convey in just a word the added value of the double degree between EPS and UCL, I would choose “open-mindedness”. The great diversity in the students’ educational background; the development of professional skills; the careful warnings against logical and statistical mistakes; the chance of personalising the Belgian Master program within a huge range of specializations; the balanced mix between theoretical, empirical and applied courses; the interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of social issues; the chance of interacting with people from all cultures and from all continents: all of this made it a more than valuable experience. Last, but not least, I met amazing people I won’t forget about.”



alberto-fragapaneAlberto Fragapane, graduating student

“After my bachelor graduation I was uncertain about the next step of my academic career, so I asked to my supervisor, who told me: “the best solution for you is EPS”. EPS allowed me to increase my knowledge in the two sectors I am more interested in: political science and economics, to improve my english and to meet new persons from different part of the world. Above all, EPS allowed me to undertake an incredible experience: the double degree program in Louvain-la-Neuve. I spent 1 year in that city, I got 2 degrees, I learned another language (french) and, specially, I grew up as a student and as a person. After two years I have to say thank you to my supervisor, you were right.”


Angelica MuraroAngelica Muraro, graduating student

“The exchange program at PHBS is a unique opportunity of academic and pesonal growth. The international enviroment of Shenzhen gave me the chance to learn from experts of business and challenge myself to understand China social and economic progress. Given the rising importance of China and PKU university at global level, a study semester there is an investment for the future and will be an outstanding mark for the academic carreer.”









Alan Alberto Rojas Pagani, graduating student

“It is an undeniable truth that tomorrow’s economic scenario will depend greatly on the policies and the performance of the Middle Kingdom. Peking’s University HSBC Business school is the top choice for any student wishing to have a competitive advantage over his peers. Not only it provides high quality education, but it also exposes students to the realities of economics, business and entrepreneurship in China. Whether your aim is to become a top-notch econometrician; to learn Mandarin; to fine-tune your up-coming start up or to learn how to achieve high profits through a succesful tax strategy, EPS’ partnership with PHBS is your best call!”


Alba Balla, graduating student

“Having to decide between different master degrees in Europe I would strongly recommend EPS: this because it gives everyone the possibility to be part of the field of economics and political science even if you come from a different background. In the last two years I have been broadening a lot my knowledge and this thanks to this master program. Of course that it has a lot to do with theory but this is what you have to do before you fall in the tough job market! In EPS you study, learn, work and get to know people from different cultures!
Thanks to EPS I had the possibility to be part of the Erasmus program which is an experience that people should have once in a lifetime! So many opportunities offered in only one master degree: EPS!”


Margarita Lakova, graduating student

“I was happy to discover such a programme as EPS which allows students like me, with non-economic background, to expand and broaden their knowledge, expertise and realization opportunities. I have learnt a lot during the last two years, and I have studied with some very smart, ambitious and self-driven future professionals. EPS gave me both the base theory and the analytical mindset required in any work environment. Thanks to EPS, currently I am in Unicredit Bank, Serbia as one of the 22 winners of the UniCredit Stage-Abroad Exchange Programme 1st edition.”




Valeria Piantoni, graduating student

“Enrolling in the master course EPS has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would recommend it not only because it  is valid and well managed, but mainly because it is unique: a master course entirely  taught in English (that in Italy is quite rare),  with an interesting mix of courses that spaces between  fields of economics and political science. If you are looking for something that will strongly improve your knowledge and your skills, for something that will allow you to meet people from all over the world and that will give you the opportunity to travel while studying…well this is the course you have to choose.”


Anna Zaremba, graduating student

”I found EPS while going through hundreds of university pages in search of a perfect master degree. It caught my attention at once because it was interdisciplinary, taught entirely in English and, most importantly, it didn’t exclude me as a potential candidate even if before I had almost nothing to do with economics. After two years, I think it was the right choice. Thanks to EPS, I was able to get to know people from over the world, broaden my knowledge in the fields of economics and political science, learn plenty of new things and develop capabilities that, I am sure, will be appreciated in any working environment. What is more, education and skills gained from EPS helped me to be noticed in the selection process for the UniCredit Stage-Abroad Programme and, finally, to be chosen as one of the 22 winners.”