To earn the 9 credits of elective courses, we suggest you choosing the courses you did not choose in the EPS study plan

For istance, if you chose Governance of the Europen Union, you might choose Social justice in a global world.
If you chose Comparative welfare states, you might choose Empirical methods for economics and policy evaluation.

The 9 credits can be splitted in modules of 3 credits (e.g.: 3 laboratories of 3 credits each, 6 credits of Social Justice in a global world + 3 credits of a laboratory, etc.).

You are allowed to choose other courses of the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods, at Master’s level and that give a final mark (pass/failed exams and bachelor’s courses will not be taken into consideration).

For any other course, you need to be authorized by the Director of EPS, sending an email to


Other suggested courses:

European Regulatory EconomicsĀ (Jean Monnet Chair-EUsers Jean Monnet Networks) Prof. Stefano Clo 9 cfu (master’s degree APP)
Data Mining and Computational Statistics, Prof. Giancarlo Manzi 9 cfu (master’s degree MEF)

Other Master’s degree held in English:

MEF – Finance and Economics (click here for the study plan)
MLS – Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies (click here for the study plan)
EFE – Environmental and Food Economics (click here for the study plan)
LL.M. – Sustainable Development (click here for the study plan)*

*Please notice that, for LLM courses, attendance of all lectures is mandatory.