Full CV

I have enrolled in the MSc in Economics and Political Science (EPS) at University of Milan after obtaining my BA in Political Science (with a specialization in Economics) at the University of Milan. I have participated in the Joint MSc
in Economics offered by the Universit√® Catholique de Louvain and the University of Milan. I have graduated writing a Master’s thesis on the empirical estimation of the interactions effects of macroeconomic shocks and labour market institutions in causing unemployment in OECD countries.

After graduating from EPS I have done a 3-months internship at the Italian Embassy in Spain, during which I have contributed to the writing up of the macroeconomic chapter of the ‘Italian Foreing Ministry’s Report on the Spanish Economy, 1st Semester 2010′. From February 2011 I have worked as research assistant at the International Institute for Labour Studies, a research center of the International Labour Organization in Geneva. My research interests are applied econometrics (especially panel data analysis), labour market duality, quality of employment and labour market institutions. Actually, I am a PhD student of the Graduate Programme in Economics at the University Carlos III, Madrid.