The mission of the EPS Master Alumni Association is to encourage and consolidate the relationships among the Alumni of the Two Years Master’s Degree in Economics and Political Science of  the Faculty of Political Science in the University of Milan and the EPS Master’s program itself, with a view of increasing the influence of EPS in national and international arenas.

The Association thus carries out, both in Italy and abroad, all activities that may prove useful or necessary for attaining its objectives, among which are the following:

• Encouraging the sharing of experiences and networking among EPS Alumni;

• Gaining visibility and prestige for EPS at national and international level;

• Encouraging the process of academic development and the growth of the EPS program.

Given the high level of commitment requested by the attendance of the EPS Master’s Degree, the association wants to support EPS students, either during the master’s program, in order to help achieving the best possible results, and after graduation through the sponsorship of its members in their professional and academic careers. In order to increase the influence and visibility of EPS Alumni, the Association will develop projects, activities, studies and exchanges, both inside and outside the academic environment. An additional goal of this new body is to preserve the links among EPS graduates over their whole lives for sharing experiences and opportunities, to make sure that special profiles, as the EPS alumni are, will be rewarded.