Paolo Bonardi

Class of 2010 – Chairman

My name is Paolo Bonardi and I attended both my Bachelor (International Relations) and Master (EPS of course) at the University of Milan (with an Erasmus parenthesis at the Université Catholique de Louvain, in Belgium). I am currently working in Brussels as a Project Officer for the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy. My daily tasks are different and many, but in particular I am in charge of supporting Lombard economic stakeholders in presenting proposals for European Grants and Tender. I am also involved in networking and lobbying actions carried out at the EU Parliament and Commission.

I am deeply convinced that without the background acquired through EPS, find my job or have the job opportunities I had, would have been impossible. Before leaving Italy I was engaged in local politics and in many other social activities, like for instance the EPS Alumni Association. I was, from the very beginning, among those few students, pushed by Professor Donzelli, actively involved in this project. Indeed, I had the honor to be the first Chairman.

Although I no longer live in Milan I am still well connected with the socio-economic system of the region and I am very interested to give my help to the Association, bringing along my professional experience. I think matching job experiences with academic research is crucial for our economy, a knowledge-based one; hence, I would be glad to dedicate my efforts for the Alumni Association, which is a valuable instrument to enhance the Masters’ reputation.



Anna Binda

Class of 2011 – Board

 My name is Anna Binda and I spent five years studying at the Università degli Studi di Milano, first attending the Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural and Language Mediation, then as an EPS Student.

The Two Years Master’s Degree in Economics and Political Science was the right choice: a great program with excellent professors and colleagues.

During the time I attended the university I lived abroad for a long time, for a while in China where I both studied and worked, and then in Zambia where I moved for a volunteering experience.

Thank to both EPS and the international experiences, just after a toast for my graduation, I started working for the L’Oreal Group, the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company and I am currently holding the position as Product Manager in the marketing division of the Division des Produits Professionnels.

My career, and my life as a whole, would not have been the same without attending the EPS Program: it was a complete life experience rather than a simple Master’s Degree. I learnt a lot, and now it is time to give something back.

Working in a big corporation has taught me some fundamental rules for a sharp career development: feeding network, developing contacts, sharing information. That is the reason why, as a Counselor of the EPS Alumni Association, I will commit to organize events, seminars and networking breaks for Alumni as well as Students, with the view of filling the gap between university and the job market.

Remember: a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor! THINK BIG!



Dario Luciano Merlo

Class of 2010 – Board

 My name is Dario Luciano Merlo and I spent four years at the Università degli Studi di Milano, first as a student of the Bachelor Degree in Political Science, then as an EPS student, before spending my last year at the Universite’ Catholique de Louvain thanks to the Double degree agreement between the two universities.
I had always planned to study my master abroad but after taking a look at the new master and speaking to its proponent, Professor Franco Donzelli, I convinced myself to enrol and today I really say I am happy and proud of my choice.
Thanks to this course and the opportunity to study in Belgium for one year, I eventually moved on to London to work for Bloomberg, the world-leading financial services information provider and then to the Corporate & Investment Banking division of UniCredit in the same city.
I believe my career would not have been the same if I had not chosen to believe in this course, despite being in its first year of existence and now I would like to give something back to it by becoming a Counsellor of the Alumni Association and organising events and networking opportunities for former and current students.



Federica Mor

Class of 2011 – Board

I spent five years at the University of Milan, first as a bachelor student in Political Science, with an Erasmus experience in The Netherlands, then as an EPS student. During the second year of my Master’s Degree I had the chance to do the Internship of Research at the Mannheim University (Erasmus Placement) in Germany.

As almost everybody, I started my career doing Internships: L’Oréal , Moncler and LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Group), world leader groups in luxury, were the first steps where I learnt about marketing and PR in big companies.

I’m currently part of Bolton Group, an amazing international Italian company; as Business Analyst I’m in charge of sales and markets statistics, analysis and forecast. I think EPS gave me the essential training and education in order to foster my professional career in this company.

I believe and support the EPS program and I am sure that the EPS Alumni Association is a great opportunity for both Alumni and Students, in order to share information, increase networking worldwide, and organize  events.



Pietro Zanotto

Class of 2010 – Boar

My name is Pietro Zanotto and I completed my academic education at the University of Milan.  As undergraduate student in SIE (Scienze Internazionali ed Istituzioni Europee) I spent four months in Togo and Benin for research purposes, focusing on the relationship between economic growth and political regimes in Africa. I had then the pleasure to join the EPS Master course at its first year: interesting subjects, excellent professors, very smart colleagues. Definitely a great choice and a strong methodological desk.

During EPS I started journalistic collaborations and I attended an internship at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

My interests in countries, marketing (quantitative and qualitative) and communication allowed me to join MarketingPRO, a consultancy services company active over 35 countries.

After three years of consultancy (strategy, competitive intelligence and pricing) I am now export manager for an Italian manufacturer of extruders.

The current economic environment, more than specific task, needs methodology allowing to play equilibria. EPS has an  important methodological role, by offering analytical tools in daily working environments.

The strategy, the dynamics and the logics behind any actions are the useful signal for any target and fruitful shooting.