My name is Pietro Zanotto and I completed my academic education at the University of Milan.  As undergraduate student in SIE (Scienze Internazionali ed Istituzioni Europee) I spent four months in Togo and Benin for research purposes, focusing on the relationship between economic growth and political regimes in Africa. I had then the pleasure to join the EPS Master course at its first year: interesting subjects, excellent professors, very smart colleagues. Definitely a great choice and a strong methodological desk.

During EPS I started journalistic collaborations and I attended an internship at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

My interests in countries, marketing (quantitative and qualitative) and communication allowed me to join MarketingPRO, a consultancy services company active over 35 countries.

After three years of consultancy (strategy, competitive intelligence and pricing) I am now export manager for an Italian manufacturer of extruders.

The current economic environment, more than specific task, needs methodology allowing to play equilibria. EPS has an  important methodological role, by offering analytical tools in daily working environments.

The strategy, the dynamics and the logics behind any actions are the useful signal for any target and fruitful shooting.