The University of Milan promotes sporting and cultural activities for students and collaborators, by providing facilities and financial resources for both independent associations and student groups, and through collaborations and special arrangements with the main theatres in the city.

Sporting Activities

The CUS, Centro Universitario Sportivo (Italian text), or University Sports Centre, is an amateur sports association which, for the last 60 years, has promoted the practice of physical education and sport by students and university collaborators.

Every year, the centre organises a vast range of sports courses, which cover everything from traditional disciplines, such as swimming and athletics, to more modern activities, such as hydro-biking, yoga and capoeira.

The CUS has special arrangements with a series of gymnasiums and sporting facilities, where students and university collaborators who hold a green or blue card can enjoy sports at reduced prices.

Becoming a CUS member is easy and advantageous: simply choose the type of card required, complete the application form (Italian text) and hand it in to the CUS Point.

For more information
CUS Point




Arts and Entertainment

The University of Milan Orchestra offers students the possibility to audition for a classical music ensemble that is both young and prestigious, thanks to its close collaboration with the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Milan and the direction of Maestro Alessandro Crudele.

For more information
Associazione Orchestra dell’Università di Milano (University of Milan Orchestra Association)
Office c/o the ISU in via S. Sofia 9 – 20122 Milano
Tel. +39 02 5830 8017








The University Choir (Italian text) is composed of university staff, students, professors and enthusiasts from outside the university. It is possible to become a member by passing an audition.

For more information
Coro dell’Università di Milano (University of Milan Choir)
Per auditions: Libero Melotti
Tel. +39 349 812 9743








The Centro Universitario Teatrale (CUT), or University Theatre Centre,  is currently directed by Professor Alberto Bentoglio and collaborates actively with groups of university students who have been involved in theatre productions for several years.