The University provides a refectory and accommodation service, based on criteria of financial need and academic merit.

It offers enrolled students approximately 400 beds, in halls of residence and apartments situated close to the university buildings. The accommodation is equipped with computers and recreational facilities.

To take advantage of the service, students must meet the criteria of academic merit and financial need, as established by the competitive examination announcement concerning scholarships.

In the competition announcement concerning scholarships – published annually during the summer – are also specified requisites for obtaining a refectory card.

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The Collegio di Milano is a Centre of Excellence for outstanding Italian and foreign students, doctoral students and researchers, who are enrolled at the seven universities of Milan. It provides accommodation, a refectory, computer rooms and a gym.

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Collegio di Milano
Via San Vigilio 10 – 20142 Milano
Tel. +39 02 813 5341 – 02 873 97000
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