I am an EPS graduate. I had a great time during such an academic experience, mainly thanks to the team spirit we built. We overcame hurdles by helping each other, working and partying hard. During my studies, I was selected as Personal Assistant of an Italian Diplomat.

After graduating, I wanted to develop a hydropower plant database service and I got a Confindustria scholarship for start-ups at the SDA Bocconi. Besides, I obtained a research scholarship at the K.U.Leuven by the Flemish Government.

In Belgium, my business plan failed when I was caught by Bank of New York Mellon, where I am working since then. I love my current job, I feel the pressure, the risk and relevance of my investigations. I do love coming up with the solution of difficult cases, being often trained and able to embrace new responsibilities.

I graduated with the EPS Master more than two years ago; however, it seems never ended. I apply my research skills a on a daily basis and I benefit every day from the attitude I developed during the Master. Furthermore, I am still in contact with several EPS classmates.

It is great to have been fostered by EPS.